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Obituary for Allison Maria Vise

Allison Maria Vise was born in Louisville, Ky. on November 04,1971. Allison started her life with a form of Mental Disability that was a permanent condition. Despite this limitation, Allison was a person with many endearing qualities. It was evident very early that Allison had a love for music, dancing, and a unique sense of humor. This was influenced by her very musical family.

Allison’s Mother Mary and her Father James were determined to give Allison the love, compassion and daily support for her to achieve a great life that was needed to accomplish the happiness and joy we are all seeking. This same formula was certainly applied with Allison’s Brother Steven, as he was an important part of the family dynamics.

Allison attended Special Education classes in several Jefferson County Public Schools, ultimately being awarded a “Certificate of Completion” with the graduating class at Fern Creek High School in 1992. This provided crucial educational and social experiences for Allison in her pursuit of life.

During the latter portion of Allison’s public school experience we discovered a Jewel through the Kentucky Special Olympic programs. Allison became an active participant as a team member, including basketball, softball, and swimming. This provided numerous health and social benefits for Allison, as well as the parents of these special needs individuals.

Allison also enjoyed church participation, including the youth program, the exposure to hymns and the excellent music by the Chancel Choir. Also, our Sunday School class openly embraced Allison and enjoyed the amusement she frequently provided. One of our class teachers labeled Allison as the “Princess of The Class”. Allison loved this recognition and truly loved the class members.

Allison also became an active member of a square dancing group named the “Olympic Stars”. All of the members had some form of disability. Allison’s parents were also active square dancers. Allison’s Father frequently was a partner with her and other dancers in the group, helping them learn the dance routines. Through an inventive parent, a hand-bell musical group was formed for special needs adults to perform, primarily in Church settings. Allison was a member of this musical group.

The eventual need for residential care for Allison brought many challenges. This drastic change in daily living was very difficult for Allison, resulting in several residence changes. This was eventually resolved through a program agency called “Reach, of Louisville”, who provide Family Care Home (FCH) arrangements. This model of care and support was the best possible arrangement for Allison, and resulted in meeting the Edwards (Kelly and Lamont) who became her new family. This amazing family provided the care, support and love that Allison needed. Allison was also embraced by the Edwards’ extended family who grew to love and support her. The Edwards were a tremendous blessing to Allison that greatly improved her life, and her last years with the Edwards were some of the best of her life.

Allison enjoyed numerous trips by our family during holidays, visits to her Grandparent’s homes, family reunions, visits with her brothers Steven’s family, travel to Disneyland, Washington D.C., and travel with her square dancing group to several states.

This amazing life was brought to a sudden conclusion by a brutal fall that produced traumatic brain injury for Allison on November 19, 2023. Allison suffered life threatening critical conditions in a Neurological Intensive Care unit at Jewish Hospital. This prompted prayers from family members in seven states who knew and dearly loved Allison, as well as multiple hospital visits from both her Vise and Edwards families, as well as Shep Sanford from Reach of Louisville. Prayers also came from numerous persons who knew Allison from all the life experiences mentioned in this obituary.

Allison passed from this life on January 10, 2024. The family, friends, and all the supportive professional team members who worked with her are grieving, but Allison Maria Vise is now a Spiritual entity looking down from a place called Heaven with her Mother Mary, and is in eternal peace, dancing with angels in the presence of the Almighty.

Allison is survived by her Father James C. Vise, her Brother Steven C. Vise (Spouse Shannon Holman), nieces Sophie ViseHolman and Sara ViseHolman, Aunts Ildiko Falkenhayn (Ed Falkenhayn), Martha Novak (Nick Novak) and Ilga K. Vise, Uncles David R. Vise, B. Thomas Vise, Dr. Lee Orth (Mary Jane) and Victor E.J. Orth, and Cousins Maggie Reagan, Chryseis Blue (Bob Blue), Ilonka Orth (Shintaro Furuya), Ava Zack (Greg Zack), Ivy Orth, Erica Arbuckle (Greg Arbuckle), Elizabeth Orth, Silvia Fleitz (John Fleitz), David R.Vise, Casey Vise, and Whitney Vise.

Allison was pre-deceased by her Loving Mother Mary J. Vise; uncle Sidney R. Vise, and her Grandparents Thomas S. Vise and Frances H.Vise, and Reverend Victor J.Orth and Jolan Orth.

Visitation will be Saturday, January 27th from 12-2pm, with the funeral service at 2pm at Highlands Funeral Home, 3331 Taylorsville Rd.

To make expressions of sympathy for Allison, please support “Special Olympics Kentucky”.