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Obituary for Patricia Schimpeler Chervenak

Patricia Schimpeler Chervenak (Pat, Mrs. C.)
Aged 92 ½

Pat loved life and laughter. She was a channel of love. A listener and a teacher, Pat gave freely of herself to build others up. Her belief in the inherent goodness of people taught many the meaning of unconditional love. Everyone who knew Pat was blessed by her, and her life was enriched by many strong friendships, some of which lasted nearly 80 years. As a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, and spiritual guide, she lived love thoroughly, graciously, and generously. Even amidst the challenges of life, Pat always found her way back to humor and love. She spent her final days in her home, cared for by her children, which was her desire. On Tuesday, January 23, 2024 Pat took her last breath and “fell into the arms of the Beloved that sent her here in the first place”.

Born in 1931, in Louisville, KY, Pat was a much beloved daughter, niece, and the eldest sister to Gerard, Raymond, and Delores (deceased). Her foundation in love began in her childhood home, and her love for family was complete and unending. Pat attended grade school at St. Peter’s, high school at Sacred Heart Academy, and college at Ursuline Academy. In 1953, she married the love of her life, David L. Chervenak, Sr. (deceased), who graciously accepted her passions and independence. Pat was an amazing mother and guide to her six children – David Jr. (Debbie), Eric (deceased), Kristin (Leila), Paul (Donna), Habiba / Monica Miller, Claudia McCrocklin (G. Stephen), and bonus daughter, Laura Rubison – whom she raised to be caring, compassionate, grounded in love, intentional in their actions, and seekers of truth. Pat and Dave created a welcoming home for everyone, where all the children came to play, and where several of them lived for years to seek solace in the comfort of a loving family. Pat was also blessed to have seven grandchildren – Sarah, Joshua, Mariah, Ethan, Isa, Yusuf, Tasha, and two great-grandchildren – Ana and Kelly. She adored them all and enjoyed learning from them about the new ways of the world.

Pat came from humble beginnings, but with guidance and nurturing from strong family women who taught her to be independent, and forward-thinking spiritual mentors in midlife, Pat became an influential leader and pioneer. In the 1960s, out of her love for the arts, she acted and directed in the local independent Guild theater, alongside her husband David. As an advocate for equality and non-violence, Pat became active in the local anti-war and civil rights activities of the 60s. In 1971, she and Dave were among the founding members of The Church of the Epiphany, where they were active for many years. There she helped open the doors for women to take a more active role in the church. In 1978, a year after the loss of her son, Eric, she was asked to join the first group of volunteer counselors for Hospice when it was established in Louisville. Later that same year, Pat was recognized as an outstanding community volunteer as one of the first recipients of the Bell Award.

Pat was a voracious reader of literature, theology, divinity and mysticism. Her search for the core truths of who we are and why we are here led Pat on a lifelong spiritual journey. Throughout her life, she was always available to listen and encourage those who earnestly sought a more meaningful life. She met people where they were and made everyone feel seen, accepted, and valued. Pat formalized her gifts of counsel, opening an office for Spiritual Direction. She went on to co-found Pathways in 1990, a program for exploring various expressions of prayer, which has gone on to become SoulLife.

Pat will be dearly missed by all those whose lives she touched. We were truly blessed to have had her with us as long as we did. In lieu of expressions of sympathy, please honor Pat by continuing to manifest the teachings she shared with us: live intentionally, be compassionate toward others, seek truth, “learn the soft warmth of being That Which Is, and venture more deeply into Love”.

Celebration of Pat’s life will be at Highlands Funeral Home, 3331 Taylorsville Road:

Sunday, January 28th - Visitation 2-6pm, Story Telling 6-7pm
Monday, January 29th - Prayer Service at 1pm followed by burial at St. Michael Cemetery, 1300 Ellison Avenue